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Why Is TotalEnergies Lubricants One Of The Most Respected Names On The Market?

Because we hold ourselves to high standards. TotalEnergies Lubricants is committed tocontinuous research and development to create products that:

  • Protect against wear by reducing friction and corrosion;
  • Prevent engines from overheating;
  • Safeguard cylinder compression and maximize engine efficiency;
  • Ensure engines are clean by preventing the deposit of impurities;
  • Help reduce fuel consumption;
  • Benefit the environment by reducing emissions of CO2 and other pollutants.

TotalEnergies Premium Engine OILS: Quartz

Through the efforts of our two development centers and 110 researchers, we have developed Quartz, an extensive range of high-performance lubricants for light vehicles.

These oils are laboratory-tested on engine test benches and on racing tracks with hundreds of victories, which conforms the top performance of our Quartz engine oils:

  • Greater fluidity at cold temperature to help start the engine;
  • Enhanced cleaning and antioxidant functions to ensure optimal engine cleanliness;
  • Formulated for the highest performance engines;
  • Reduced fuel consumption;
  • Applicable to all uses, even under extreme conditions.

Our Quartz Lubricants Contain Three Main Components

First there is the base oil. Its composition and properties vary according to how demanding the specified requirements are. Then, the original properties of the base oil are radically enhanced by adding two other components: polymers and performance additives.

Major technological advances have been possible thanks to R&D partnerships with car manufacturers. By pooling research work, we have been able to aid in the reduction of fuel consumption and further protect engines and their post-treatment systems.