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Nitrogen Tire Inflation is now available at the following service stations:

TotalEnergies Amaret Chalhoub, TotalEnergies Damour Nord, TotalEnergies Hazmieh, TotalEnergies Horsh Tabet Sud, TotalEnergies Jounieh and TotalEnergies Nahr Ibrahim. 


Nitrogen Tire Inflation


Brief Information:

  • Since Nitrogen is mostly an inert gas, it helps reduce temperature rise (that causes sidewall deformation) due to roadbed friction by 17-21%.
  • Nitrogen prevents water vapor which is the main culprit to rim damage (rust), TPMS damage, valves damage (pressure loss) and breakage of tire walls (cuts).

Nitrogen inflated tires remain inflated for 3 to 4 times longer than those inflated with common air.

  • Less puncture risk (more safety).
  • Less rolling resistance thus decreasing fuel consumption.
  • Increased tire life.
  • Better handling and road holding (enhance stability).
  • Shorter braking distances

  • Protects the rim and steel belting from corrosion (Rust).
  • Lower noise when rolling.
  • Reduced risk of tire blowout due to lower running temperature and lack of oxygen.


*Above information is compiled from different sources