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As an earthmoving professional, you seek lubricants that enable your equipment to perform at the highest level. This is why we have developed lubricants that are custom made to enhance and protect the engines that you and your clients rely on daily.


High Quality Lubricants

TotalEnergies Lubricants' complete range of products for construction, mining and quarry machinery satisfies all international standards (ACEA, API, JASO, etc.) and manufacturers’ approvals required in this sector. Consider TotalEnergies Lubricants your one-stop-shop for meeting all your sector-specific lubricant needs. Our lubricants for construction work, mines and quarries break down into three segments:


  • Standard products for earthmoving vehicles
  • TotalEnergies standard product range covers a large number of uses.
  • Engine Oils
    • Transmission oils: powershift gearboxes
    • Transmission oils: axles and reduction drives



What if you only needed two lubricants to cover the needs of your entire fleet? The dream has become reality with CONCEPT TP STAR, the result of advanced research by TotalEnergies. This high-tech concept covers up to 15 different lubrication needs with just two products.

CONCEPT TP STAR provides all the components of your worksite machinery with top-notch lubrication, while satisfying the requirements of leading equipment manufacturers and international standards. The advantages are numerous:

  • Guaranteed optimal technical performance
  • Less risk of stock outages
  • Simpler ordering, procurement and storage of lubricants
  • Less risk of product mix-ups when servicing equipment
  • Lower transport costs
  • Savings on servicing and the management of used oil and packaging


When used as an engine lubricant, STAR MAX FE provides:

  • Lower fuel consumption due to its fuel economy formula
  • Extended life for the particulate filter due to its low SAPS formulation

A patent has been filed for STAR MAX FE and TP STAR MAX HT oils based on their self-adaptive capabilities.

  • CONCEPT TP STAR for temperate countries
  • CONCEPT TP STAR for the tropics


Biolubricants Range for Earthmoving Works

TotalEnergies Lubricants are highly aware of the need for environmental protection and sustainable development. In response to these challenges, we have developed a complete range of biolubricants.

Your machinery often operates in the natural environment, on construction sites and in development projects, near waterways, on coastlines, and in quarries and urban roadwork. In this type of work, there can be accidental oil spill, which can in turn pollute the surrounding environment.

Concerned with protecting the natural environment, TotalEnergies Lubricants supplies a range of biolubricants suited to public works and construction machinery. This range has numerous applications:

  • Extraction machinery
  • Construction machinery
  • Earthmoving machinery
  • Drainage cleaning machinery