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Identity And History Of The TotalEnergies Brand

Total name has changed to "TotalEnergies" to mark the strategy of becoming a broad energy Company. TotalEnergies is a single name, in the plural, for all energies and all talents.

The TotalEnergies logo


In 1953, the managers of the Compagnie Française de Raffinage deposited a new trademark called "Total" at the Paris commercial court. Two years later, the famous red flame with the blue circle becomes the symbol of the brand.

Over the years, the Total brand changes its logo and evolves in parallel with the Company in order to show the dynamism and diversity of the Total brand activities. After the merger with Petrofina and ELF (in 2000), the logo in 2003 becomes the expression of its future. The new symbol of the Total brand evokes the global dimension of our activities, our involvement in multiple energies and the purpose of our profession which is to bring warmth and movement to the world.

Expertise And Know-How


TotalEnergies' products (lubricants, additives, special fuels and others) rely on the Company’s research facilities and on a large number of scientific partnerships that the Company or its branches have established with French, European and international universities. It is in this manner that we formulate and develop tomorrow’s products.

Scientific partnerships with high level specialists from the academic world are supplemented by studies carried out by our own researchers, in particular within the Solaize Research Centre, in the Lyon region. All this work leads to patents’ filing, protecting our know-how worldwide and ensuring that our solutions remain original. Our strength thus resides in the close cooperation existing between developers and researchers for the successful conduct of the development programs.

We Take Each Of Your Challenges As A Fresh Opportunity To Act And To Innovate!

TotalEnergies lubricants

The TotalEnergies technical teams make constant efforts in Research & Development in order to offer increasingly innovative lubricants. Our engineers at the Solaize center thus develop products and solutions suited to the latest technological developments in various sectors of activity such as the automotive or motorcycle sectors.


TotalEnergies Fuels

Our Marketing Development department relies on the TotalEnergies company’s research division for designing the products of the future. The differences in regulatory requirements throughout the world and constant environmental progress (in particular the reduction of greenhouse gases and CO2 emissions) underpin our innovation strategy.

Issues such as the decrease in the amount of sulphur or the disappearance of lead from fuel a few years ago have opened new opportunities for specific additives. Finally, to support the industrialization of our solutions, we are working with industrial partners who custom manufacture, often exclusively for us, the active ingredients which then enable us to develop 250 to 300 new products each year.