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Car Wash

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car wash

Treat your car to the best wash service at TotalEnergies stations!

We guarantee you a top-quality wash experience to keep your car as clean as its first days!

Wondering what are the types of wash you can benefit from at TotalEnergies service stations?

Our wash service includes the following offering:

Treat your car to an unmatchable wash experience with high-quality cleaning products, a professional service, and a wide range of programs at different rates.

Find our manual car wash service at the following stations:

TotalEnergies Achrafieh
TotalEnergies Borj Abi Haidar
TotalEnergies Camelia
TotalEnergies Colline Ain Saade
TotalEnergies Corniche du fleuve
TotalEnergies Damour Ouest
TotalEnergies Dora
TotalEnergies Dora Seaside
TotalEnergies Jamhour
TotalEnergies Jnah
TotalEnergies Jounieh
TotalEnergies Louaizeh
TotalEnergies Mazraa
TotalEnergies Medawar
TotalEnergies Metn Express
TotalEnergies Moussaitbeh
TotalEnergies Naccache
TotalEnergies Nahr El Mott
TotalEnergies Nahr Ibrahim
TotalEnergies Tripoli
TotalEnergies Verdun


With soft brushes and biodegradable products, your car body will maintain its glow and colors. Also, the automatic car wash at TotalEnergies service stations is equipped with a water-recycling system saving up to 80% of water consumption.

Find our automatic car wash service at the following stations:

TotalEnergies Camelia
TotalEnergies Jnah
TotalEnergies Jounieh
TotalEnergies Nahr El Mott

Short on time? Go for the exterior wash to give your car the shine it needs in 10 minutes!

Find our Wash & Go service at the following stations:

TotalEnergies Camelia
TotalEnergies Jounieh
TotalEnergies Nahr El Mott

Different Payment Methods – cash or by My PassTotalEnergies prepaid card – are available.

You can pay your full wash service bill by cash or by My Pass, TotalEnergies prepaid card at the following service stations:

TotalEnergies Achrafieh, TotalEnergies Borj Abi Haidar, TotalEnergies Camelia, TotalEnergies Colline Ain Saade, TotalEnergies Corniche du fleuve, TotalEnergies Damour Ouest, TotalEnergies Dora, TotalEnergies Dora Seaside, TotalEnergies Jamhour, TotalEnergies Jnah, TotalEnergies Jounieh, TotalEnergies Louaizeh, TotalEnergies Mazraa, TotalEnergies Medawar, TotalEnergies Metn Express, TotalEnergies Moussaitbeh, TotalEnergies Naccache, TotalEnergies Nahr El Mott, TotalEnergies Nahr Ibrahim, TotalEnergies Tripoli and TotalEnergies Verdun.