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Rally of Lebanon

TotalEnergies Marketing Lebanon: Supplier Of Victories At The Lebanese Rally Championship

TotalEnergies Marketing Lebanon sponsored since 2011 the Lebanese Rally Championship organized by the Automobile & Touring Club of Lebanon (ATCL). TotalEnergies Marketing Lebanon has also reintroduced the Super Special Stage that is followed by thousands of people.

Motorsport plays a key role in the development of products marketed for the general public, because competition is the ultimate laboratory that drives TotalEnergies fuel and lubricant research towards excellence.  



TotalEnergies group has established collaborations and partnerships in several motorsport competitions, confirming TotalEnergies' position as a recognized incubator for innovation and courage, two characteristics that define TotalEnergies and motorsport.





TotalEnergies Marketing Lebanon puts at the service of the participants in the Lebanese Rally Championship the most advanced technology for race fuels and lubricants, perfectly adapted to the competitors’ needs to pave the way to victories!