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Being a socially responsible company, TotalEnergies Marketing Lebanon contributes in helping the society by offering charitable donations. These modest gestures aim at showing support to the Lebanese community.

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Solidarity donation

TotalEnergies Marketing Lebanon has partnered with Solidarity, a Lebanese NGO, to help mitigate the damages caused by the port blast, by supporting the reconstruction of 168 apartments, helping families rebuild their homes. Side by side we can help Lebanon rise.



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Support to Beirut: Diesel Donation to its Hospitals

Following the explosion that hit the heart of the capital, rebuilding Beirut started with the mobilization of each and every one of us, each in their field. The medical community has been severely affected by the explosion, with Beirut hospitals in a state of destruction. In solidarity with the beloved Beirut, the medical community and the citizens, TotalEnergies in Lebanon donated diesel equivalent to 750,000 liters to four hospitals of the capital.




Diesel Donation: Spreading Good Energy

While the whole world and the Lebanese community went into confinement to face the unprecedented coronavirus spread, medical teams were the brave frontline soldiers who have worked tirelessly to offer health care and support to all patients.

Being an energy supplier, TotalEnergies Marketing Lebanon saluted the medical staff efforts by donating diesel to Rafik Hariri University Hospital and 4 other public hospitals in the hope of spreading the good energy amongst the society!