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Hygiene, Safety, Environment, Quality

Industrial hygiene, employee health and product quality are absolute priorities.

Safety for all!

At TotalEnergies Marketing Lebanon, we implement regular safety checks and procedures at our service stations and our petroleum warehouse to ensure that operations run smoothly and in complete safety! 

Also, our trucks comply with international safety standards to guarantee a safe transport of our products!

We bring you our series of educational videos to explain our commitment to safety in all our operations!

Safety at the service stations


Safety at Dora warehouse


Safety while transporting our products


Your Safety, Our Safety!  

Do you know what is the safe behavior to adopt once at the service station? We bring you our series of educational videos for you to be aware and safe once visiting our service stations.

Rony Cover

Safety rules when entering and exiting the service station

High speed and reduced vigilance at the service station can cause accidents. Watch the video to know more about the safe behavior you should apply and the safety measures we implement!  

Hughes cover

Safety rules when visiting a service station

You have surely washed your car or encountered a truck unloading fuel at a service station. Do you know what is the safe behavior to adopt? Watch the video! 


Safety rules while refueling

For your safety and the safety of all, while refueling, turn the car engine off, don’t smoke and don’t use the mobile phone. Do you know why? Watch the video! 


Storing gasoline and diesel at home can put you and your family in danger. Watch the video and be aware!

A well-trained team constitutes the cornerstone of our safety commitment. Our service station attendants regularly undergo firefighting trainings to ensure you a safe service at all times!

Every detail at our service stations and warehouse is designed to ensure safety, quality, and our environmentally friendly approach. Discover our deployed efforts!

Have you ever wondered how we ensure a safe and quality service at our clients’ doorsteps? Discover our deployed efforts from storage till delivery!

From the arrival of the shipment to the control of the fuel trucks, discover the thorough work of our colleagues at the Dora warehouse to ensure that operations run smoothly and in complete safety!




TotalEnergies Marketing Lebanon commits to protecting people and goods and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment as required by good management practices. Medical check-ups are carried out annually for all employees along with health trainings.


TotalEnergies Marketing Lebanon applies an internationally certified safety management system. Having the safety culture at the heart of its priorities, TotalEnergies group established the 12 Golden Rules to avoid work accidents. Also, the safety campaign with a triple signature “Safety, for me, for you, for all”, aims at engaging the responsibility of all among the Group subsidiaries.



Total's environment care

TotalEnergies Marketing Lebanon is the only O&G company in Lebanon that is ISO 14001 certified. The affiliate works continually to anticipate risks and protect the environment through established procedures, control and surveillance and the application of strict transportation standards. TotalEnergies Marketing Lebanon has the largest network operating on solar energy in the country with 27 solar service stations by 2022. All the affiliate projects undergo an environmental impact assessment study before their implementation. 


Quality Van TotalEnergies

Quality is the foundation of TotalEnergies Marketing Lebanon leadership in the market. TotalEnergies Marketing Lebanon is ISO 9001 certified and has implemented two mobile laboratories, managed by an independent body, Apave, for quality control of products at the service stations. All received complaints are duly treated as per a complaint management system to always fulfill clients’ needs.