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22/03/2024 News

Enjoy a Free Wash at our service stations!

Wash giveway

This 28 March, the first 10 customers who will have a manual car wash will benefit from the wash service for free at each of the following stations:

TotalEnergies Amaret Chalhoub, TotalEnergies Bauchrieh, TotalEnergies Boulevard Hadath, TotalEnergies Camelia, TotalEnergies Damour Nord, TotalEnergies Damour Ouest, TotalEnergies Dekwaneh, TotalEnergies Dora Seaside, TotalEnergies Gardenia, TotalEnergies Golf, TotalEnergies Hadath, TotalEnergies Hazmieh, TotalEnergies Horch Tabet Sud, TotalEnergies Jounieh, TotalEnergies Karm el Zeitoun, TotalEnergies Metn Express, TotalEnergies Nabaa, TotalEnergies Nahr Ibrahim, TotalEnergies Saint Joseph and TotalEnergies Tripoli.