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11/11/2021 News

Innovation in the service of climate change

Inno Day 2021


We celebrated innovation during our INNO Day on 11 November. During an online session, organized under the theme of “To the Conquest of Net Zero”, our employees were exposed to different projects implemented at the Company level and at our affiliate aiming at reducing the environmental footprint, part of TotalEnergies strategy to reach zero emissions by 2050.  

Highlight of the day:

During the session, Plastic-To-Fuel (PTF), a local start-up, presented their idea of developing a machine that converts plastic waste to fuel, a step towards rationalizing plastic waste locally.

TotalEnergies Business Accelerator Program will be supporting PTF by:


Organizing mentoring sessions;


Helping the team obtain the invention patent;


Exposing the team to networking opportunities;


Assisting the team in opening a market in France;

ptf-renewable energies

Pitching PTF idea at entities at the Company level involved in renewable energies;


Developing the first machine.