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16/02/2024 News

Two Mobile Laboratories, Constant Quality

Have you ever heard about the product quality checks done at TotalEnergies service stations?

TotalEnergies Marketing Lebanon is the only company in the local fuel market to equip two Mobile Laboratories managed by an independent company, Inspek by Apave, to run random quality tests on gasoline and diesel and check the accuracy of the pump meters at the service stations.

The quality control at the service stations lasts around 1.5 hours and the main criteria that are tested by the two Mobile Laboratories to ensure conformity to local and international standards are:

impurities in the fuel

Impurities in the fuel


Fuel Density

Fuel density



Diesel filterability


Fuel Color

Fuel color


Fuel Sulfur Levels

Fuel sulfur levels


Fuel Flash points

Fuel flash points


gasoline octane level

Gasoline octane level


Fuel Microdistillation

Fuel microdistillation


Want to know more? Watch the movie!

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Mobile Lab Movie 2024