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21/07/2023 News

Unleaded 98 fuel is back!

SP98 is now available


To cater to all our customers’ needs, we re-introduced the Unleaded 98 fuel at our selected service stations: TotalEnergies Achrafieh, TotalEnergies Ain Saade, TotalEnergies Amaret Chalhoub, TotalEnergies Amchit Autoroute, TotalEnergies Arcadia, TotalEnergies Autoroute Batroun, TotalEnergies Ballouneh, TotalEnergies Baskinta, TotalEnergies Bent Jbeil, TotalEnergies Borj Abi Haidar, TotalEnergies Boulevard Hadath, TotalEnergies Camelia, TotalEnergies Colline Ain Saade, TotalEnergies Corniche du Fleuve, TotalEnergies Corniche Saida, TotalEnergies Damour Nord, TotalEnergies Damour Ouest, TotalEnergies Debaal, TotalEnergies Dora, TotalEnergies Dora Seaside, TotalEnergies Fanar, TotalEnergies Faraya, TotalEnergies Gardenia, TotalEnergies Hadat, TotalEnergies Jamhour, TotalEnergies Jdita, TotalEnergies Jnah, TotalEnergies Jounieh, TotalEnergies Kefraya, TotalEnergies Ketermaya, TotalEnergies Kweikhat, TotalEnergies Louaizeh, TotalEnergies Mansouri, TotalEnergies Mazraa, TotalEnergies Medawar, TotalEnergies Metn Express, TotalEnergies Moussaitbeh, TotalEnergies Naccache, TotalEnergies Nahr El Mott, TotalEnergies Nahr Ibrahim, TotalEnergies Ras al Ain, TotalEnergies Ras Gas, TotalEnergies Saida Est, TotalEnergies Saida Ouest, TotalEnergies Verdun and TotalEnergies Zahle.

This type of fuel will be sold at the price set by the Ministry of Energy and Water. Different payment methods are accepted: cash LBP or cash USD or payment by TotalEnergies Card.