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After the jury of local experts selected the winners of the 2018-2019 Startupper of the Year by Total Challenge in Lebanon, they were presented with their awards at an official ceremony held on March 1, 2019 at Liza Beirut restaurant.

The three winners of the Startupper of the Year by TotalEnergies Challenge in Lebanon are:

  • First: YallaBus, transport category, represented by Ghassan Zughaib. It is a smartphone application that aims at improving the public transportation experience in Lebanon – specifically buses. Using GPS technology, the app enables users to reliably commute with buses by providing them with real-time directions; while improving the sector and helping it grow.


  • Second: Live Love Recycle, environment category, represented by Georges Bitar. It is a new social and environmental project that allows users in Beirut to recycle for free. This initiative helps counter the garbage crisis in Lebanon. Live Love Recycle helps unemployed individuals re-integrate the working force by providing them with jobs as recyclables collectors.


  • Third: Bridge. Outsource. Transform, social category, represented by Charbel Trad. B.O.T bridges skilled youth from marginalized communities with organizations in need of quality assured digital services in Data Entry, E-commerce Listing, Call Center Support and AI Training Data. Quality assurance is done through in-house technical experts.

These young entrepreneurs will receive financial support to develop their project. They will also receive personalized coaching and a communications campaign to publicize their project.


The winner of the Top Female Entrepreneur award, a new addition to the 2018-2019 Challenge to support women in business, is:

  • Koullouna, culture category, represented by Marielle Khayat. It is a box, delivered monthly to the client’s doorstep, targeted mainly towards Lebanese expats and authentic Lebanese products lovers worldwide, containing 6-7 products made in Lebanon along with the stories behind them, and 10% of the box's price is dedicated and donated to the initiative of the month.

Congratulations to all winners!

The 15 Finalists of the Startupper of the Year by TotalEnergies Challenge

The process of shortlisting the entries submitted to the 2018-2019 Startupper of the Year by TotalEnergies Challenge in Lebanon has been completed. The following 15 candidates have been shortlisted out of more than 309 entries, through a questionnaire and a “Share for Likes” voting phase, before being reviewed by social business professionals (alphabetical order):

  • Abd El Rahman El Kaderi, health category, WeGlo
  • Ali Ali, community category, Lebanese spotlight
  • Bilal Farshukh, construction category, Buildink
  • Charbel Trad, social category, Bridge. Outsource. Transform
  • Daniel Abi Fadel, education category, E-Scola
  • Dima El Zein, health category, Blood Heroes
  • Elah Abi Saab, environment category, Scarubber
  • Georges Bitar, environment category, Live Love Recycle
  • Ghassan Zughaib, transport category, YallaBus
  • Gloria Moussallem, social category, Elixir
  • Hussein Sleiman, health category, Find A Nurse
  • Lina Al Khouri, health category, Dr. Leda
  • Marielle Khayat, culture category, Koullouna
  • Ramzi Sleiman, transport category, Transport that saves energy
  • Steven Semaan, nutrition category, DEKKENEAPP

The 15 finalists pitched their projects on 5 and 7 February at Total Liban offices in front of the local jury members who will announce the names of the winners on 1 March. These winners will receive financial support, coaching from TotalEnergies Liban and a communication campaign to publicize their project.

The 2018-2019 Startupper of the Year by TotalEnergies Challenge, held simultaneously in 55 countries, reaffirms TotalEnergies' commitment to social and economic development in host countries worldwide.

The complete list of finalists along with more details about the projects on: