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28/04/2022 News

Your Safety, Our Safety!

Do you know what is the safe behavior to adopt once at the service station? We bring you our series of educational videos for you to be aware and safe once visiting our service stations.

Safety rules while refueling

For your safety and the safety of all, while refueling, turn the car engine off, don’t smoke and don’t use the mobile phone. Do you know why? Watch the video! 

Rony Cover

Safety rules when entering and exiting the service station

High speed and reduced vigilance at the service station can cause accidents. Watch the video to know more about the safe behavior you should apply and the safety measures we implement!  

Hughes cover

Safety rules when visiting a service station

You have surely washed your car or encountered a truck unloading fuel at a service station. Do you know what is the safe behavior to adopt? Watch the video!