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Your safety, your responsibility!

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Either you are commuting to work or having a road trip with your loved ones, your safety and the safety of your passengers is the most essential! It takes only few minutes to check your car condition before starting your trip safely; here some tips:

  • always be careful about your brakes: it is recommended to check your brakes at least once a year, however if your car is taking more time than it usually does to stop, then, there is an issue with your brakes worthy of immediate inspection;
  • inspect your tires regularly: make sure your tires are properly inflated. Check-up your tires for any cuts, punctures, bumps or cracks. If you see anything suspicious, have a tire service professional take a closer look. Well-maintained tires ensure safety and comfort in driving;
  • verify your lights: it is a simple check-up you can do regularly by turning on your car lights facing a white wall to make sure all lights are working perfectly. To check your rear lights, ask for a friend’s assistance. Car lights are very important to communicate with other drivers and ensure that they are seeing you even in reduced visibility.

Always have a safe trip!